What is to come… (Future of Feducia)

Posted on March 10th, 2021 by

Well, it has been a wonderful past two weeks hearing all the responses to Feducia. Super surprised how well received it was…and all of your critiques were heard. So I’m laying out what’s to be expected in the next release!

If you haven’t yet, you can get the Game Jam demo here.

Down on time? Check out one of the many streamer playthroughs. This one by Jar Head Gaming! Thanks JHG!

Donation Model

It’s generally what I do with my small projects. It’s generally free up until a couple of versions leading up to the final release. Unless I magically gain an investor to support the project to completion, this will be the best direction I think  I can move in to support the production. All donations, of course, will be credited unless you explicitly mention otherwise

So when hits,  you’ll be open to donate at to download subsequent releases. It’ll help me meet my personal obligations and support focus on this project. 

There was also an option to do a “Pay Only” model with guaranteed end product, but I wanted to involve a many people as possible and support each release as much as possible. I didn’t go for pay only model with guaranteed final release mainly because I want you all to play and help me evolve the game in a way that will be accessible to others, not just myself. Since these are smaller projects, I don’t abide to “when it’s done”. I do take my time, but these are purposely digestibles game that I assess to be developed in less than a year. 


Yes, this is why you’re really here. No specific date, but i’m hoping to release this version by the end of March. If you don’t already know, my other game, Oh, It’s Christmas will be receiving a final update. So i’ll be juggling this and that during the month.

Let’s start with some screenshots!

So…what’s coming in the next update?

  • 10 more minutes of gameplay. What happens after your first encounter with the mysterious entity? What does it all mean? The next part of the game will offer a bit more answers of what’s going on and some much needed backstory to various elements.
  • More efficient/optimized package size. Although done quite a bit during GameJam, there was still more indepth room for me to optimize and compressed more data. So future releases will have a more barebones optimization so Unreal Engine can be more bite sized.
  • Changed game world interface. I’m experimenting with ways we can breakup the framework and interface, allowing for more dynamic displays of the world and what you interact with. You’ll find out soon enough.
  • Default Settings changed. Thanks to all the streamers and let’s players recording their playthrough, I realized UE4 was defaulting shadows to low. With how little graphical budget the game consumers, I’ll modify the settings to allow for the intended shadow quality.
  • Revisited Shader System. As much as I was happy with how the current look worked….I want to push it further. I felt it needs to be more visually readable. So I’m putting more time into getting the aesthetics to where I want them to be. A mix of modern and retro without being visually complicated.
  • New camera system. You’ll have direct interaction with each scene’s camera, allowing you to look in designated directions and be able to explore rooms from different perspectives. Do you hate running away from the unknown? Well…you’ll definitely be running away.
  • Contextual Actions. Every action you make will be contextual, so no more changing rooms accidentally. I also feel this will increase the potential interactivity of the game and provide more…horrific possibilities.
  • Optional blarble voice system. To keep with the retro style aesthetic, I’ve implemented a blarble voice system that will give some personality and character to dialog.
  • More Audio. As request, I’ll be putting in more audio, within reason, to give the game more atmosphere. Going hand in hand with the new Camera system, it’ll offer a nice improvement over the demo.
  • Classic Inventory system. Since the game will have a lot more going for it than the demo, I decided to integrate a simple inventory system to keep track of what you have gathered.
  • Save System. Now we’re out of the GameJam phase, and with the length of the full game, you will now be able to save and come back at another time.
  • Revamped Main Menu, to keep with the game’s aesthetics.

Fixes and Small Changes

  • Dialog Choices show up after dialog and automatically scroll down to fill screen
  • Software cursor not visible in packaged game.
  • Many quality of life improvements, including skipping movement animation by clicking again.