Unexpected Epic Awesome was Team Awesome’s entry for Global Game Jam 2010. Unexpected Epic Awesome is a 2D Platforming Action/Adventure set in a stereotypical superhero needy world. The player can choose between three unique characters. Each with their own starting point (and backstory) accompanied by their own custom tailored path and outcome. Various choices can also evolve the characters outlook, ultimately providing unique abilities and entirely different experiences. The game follows the player’s character from day to day life to inciting incident then ultimately to a heroic conclusion, capturing the traditional comic book  feel and layout. It offers trademark effects like comic cell transitions between environments utilizing platforming and with the interaction of traditional adventure game mechanics.

The initial release offers only a very basic prototype of the game, far from hitting our target goals. Many of the expected features were completed but were later scrapped due to completeness and presentability. Many of these scrapped features can be found in the source files though.

There is a high probability of revisiting the project for a revised prototype.

Note: The 0.1 Global Game Jam prototype does not feature many of the planned features explained in this