Rhea is Team Infinity 8’s entry to the Global Game Jam 2012. The game takes place sometime during the Roman Empire’s rule. Somewhere in a remote town, built on prosperity and morality; the place transformed into a corrupt political landmark, pushing the agenda of an Imperial Legate. Those of worldly worth are sent into work camps or pushed toward education to become contributing citizens of society. Those that aged and proved worthless were either evicted or sent to the ‘Pits’.

Rhea follows an Elderly Mother sent to the ‘Pits’ as a consequence for lacking contribution to society. Broken but still alive, the woman uses her last bit of strength to pull herself into a cavern where a gleaming object would be seen. Possession of the object, gave her the power of youth, at the cost of unknowable consequences in the world around her. This woman’s name is Rhea, and in order to renew her vitality, she must constantly obtain and consume the ancient one’s crystals for the remainder of her life…but at what cost.

The concept provides an emotional journey dabbling in immortality while creating a fun game for players to explore environments, solve large scale puzzles and capture the essence of variety in both gameplay and aesthetics. Rhea must collect crystals to restore a bit of her youth, else she will age; faster the longer she is prolonging her life. The consequence of immortality is the aging of the world around her, withering away abnormally. To what length should one go to stay alive.