Our character, Kray, is at the pinnacle of his career. Just finishing the biggest gig of his career, he feels the need to keep his buzz going. Pushing harder and harder. More Drugs, More Sex, More Alcohol, and more fun! In this endless runner, you run, dodge, partake the sinful things all while maintaining his health, avoiding the dreaded overdose or complete exhaustion. He can’t stop now, nor shall you. Keep him healthy and keep him rocking his way till the very end. How far will you get? There’s definitely no choice in the matter…right?

Krazy Kray mixes various game play elements, from side-scrolling Endless Runners to simple rhythm mini-games like Guitar Hero. To complement the aesthetics and atmosphere, the game also utilizes a unique health system known as the ‘Balance Bar’. The goal is to keep it at its equilibrium else you threaten his live with an overdose or catastrophic exhaustion. Indulging in drugs and alcohol pushes the balance to the right, slowly creepy up to an overdose. To the left one must indulge in sexual acts or any acts that require stamina. Partaking in the opposite pushes the bar in the opposite direction help Kray live longer and extending his reign of “Fun”.

Krazy Kray Features:

  • Innovative Health System
  • Sex…..Drugs….oh and Rock & Roll
  • Simple control scheme give the player more focus on

Note: Some features and content may be unavailable in the 0.1 Global Game Jam Prototype