Periculum started out as a modification on Half-Life 2. It was a project I tackled when I was around the age 15 without any knowledge of how to organize projects or run a team. In essense, a learn experience that bit me in the butt until we went dark. Not long after, Penumbra, a spectacular Lovecraftian horror game was released, capturing the essence of what we wanted to accomplish in Periculum. Not long after the project went from backburner to canceled.

Now, its back as a small dramatic horror adventure on Unreal Engine 4. The game attempts to give life to gaming. Providing an experience more than defined gameplay rules. A predecessor to virtual reality possibilities.

The game takes place in Colorado Springs in a mountain neighborhood along Cheyenne Mountain. A freak storm is causing many to stay at home, causing some to be barricaded in by snow as high as many homes. You play as Raoul. Husband and Father of one  2 year old daughter. Spending time with his family, attempting to survive inside their ice coffin of a home, a weird noise is heard in the basement. Invesitating the sound only to find nothing, he returns to a room with his family missing. The noise is heard again in the same place, only now a gaping crevice is seeing along a fragile concrete wall.

Journey through the Cheyenne mountainside, visiting real-life landmarks and incredible custom tailored Horror Narrative AI.