Unexpected Epic Awesome GGJ’10 (Revisited)

Game Engine: Unity
Project Website: Link
Release Date: 01/31/2010
Team: Stuart Bradley Newsom (Team Lead, Flash Programmer, Original Concept), Jane T Voong (Character and Environment Artist), Oscar Lopez (Assistant Artist and Programmer), Robert Allen (Artist), silverraptor


There are currently no available downloads for this project.


Unexpected Epic Awesome is a 2D comic book style platforming action adventure. Follows the player’s character from the day to day life to inciting incident to heroic conclusion, capturing the traditional comic book  feel and layout, moving between comic book cells inspired by classic Action Fighter, Comix Zone, utilizing platformer mechanics with the interaction of traditional adventure/roleplaying feature sets.

Originally a prototyped developed for Global Game Jam 2010. The initial concept was to provide three+ playable characters with their own unique storyline from beginning to end, tying to a unified world story arc where each one plays a role in a major catastrophic event. Concept was designed to draw influences from Comix Zone with the storytelling style of the original Season 1 of the hit show Heroes.