Krazy Kray GGJ’13

Game Engine: Unity
Project Website: Link
Release Date: 01/28/2013
Team: Oscar Lopez (Team Lead), Stuart Bradley Newsom (Assistant Lead, Programmer), Mike Chinn (Character Modeler), Adrian Alanis (3D Modeling), Peter She (3D Modeling), Caitlin Conway (Animation)


There are currently no available downloads for this project.


Fueled by sex, drugs and rock & roll; Kray (main character) must survive this endless runner and keep his stamina and addiction in check, all while timely avoiding obstacles with precision. Too much or too little of a good thing equals death. The longer you keep on running, the faster the game gets and the harder it is to maintain your well being.


I’d like to thank our whole team for sticking it through some of hte hardships during our 48hour development. We took an unusual idea from left field and did something with it. Probably the most complete game we’ve ever done at Global Game Jam.

The game may not be complete, no doubt for a 48 hour game jam, but it really turned out better than we had hoped.

Krazy Kray is an endless runner that utilizes Endless Running mechanics and throws in a unique health bar that requires the player to balance between spectrums of Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. Head on over to the game’s page for more info and to download our initial release!