GGJ ’13: Krazy Kray Post-Mortem

“Fueled by sex, drugs and rock & roll; Kray (main character) must survive this endless runner and keep his stamina and addiction in check, all while timely avoiding obstacles with precision. Too much or too little of a good thing equals death. The longer you keep on running, the faster the game gets and the harder it is to maintain your well being.”

It was the beginning of the year and our outlook were slowly starting to change. 2012 was one of the hardest and most insulting years of my life. Many agree, it was one of those years many could predict was going to be rocky. Being jobless, careless, and inspirationless, I had nothing to lose and really looked up to the possibilities of this year’s Global Game Jam. Myself and some friends were in a tough spot too, so it was only a plus to get together and put our minds to the test. Boy were we in for it. Testing of our patience and skills helped us understand the hardships of game development on a tight schedule, more so than our previous experiences.

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