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Where do I start this week? This is actually the first ‘Week in Review’ ever so I’m going tot try to cover everything that happened in the past three weeks.

Oculus Rift Dev Version

Lets start with the Oculus Rift news. So, after a nice long day at work, I was greeted with a nice email from Oculus VR right before I clocking out with the message “You’re receiving this email because your Oculus order will be advancing to “Processing” status in the next 24 hours. “. Only a couple of days now before I get my Virtual Bad-Ass Device®. I wouldn’t mind making a business out of Virtual Reality content, if not offering a physical attraction at Hollywood Sports. A virtual theme park maybe? In the not to distant future i’ll be writing an article on my Top Picks for Favorite OculusVR Demos. Counting the days now.

969465_317523805045623_48711128_nSpeaking of awesome technology. My friend Brent printed his first 3D Model with his 3D Printer that recently arrived for him a couple of weeks ago. Photo courtesy of my sis, Adella Relentless. She was ecstatic over it! Based on first impressions, he was thinking it might be a good idea to join forces and offer our services of making ‘Custom Paintball/Airsoft’ gear. I wouldn’t mind seeing where that could go. I’ve always had a fascination with the under workings of 3D printing and feel that its worth putting some effort into. Who knows what could happen down the line.

Anyways, things have been going smoothly. So far I’ve written three articles in the past three weeks for First Drop. First week I reviewed “Pirates of Black Cove”, which turned out nicely even if the game wasn’t really all that great. The following week I got the chance to preview the new Red Orchestra game “Rising Storm”; A popular franchise that brings the war to the Pacific…and does a great job at it. Then, a couple of days ago I published my latest review, this time on “Warframe” which turned out to be a REALLY frantic and exciting free-to-play game. So far there are no signs of slowing down. Hopefully I’ll have a nice portfolio of work under my belt over the course of these coming months.

972232_529464210445031_82577406_nMoving on; Haunted Hollywood Sports has made steady progression shaping up thanks to Jon Cooke (Winds of Plague). I think we will be pulling off some crazy sh** this year, hopefully surpassing every expectation possible. *fingers crossed*. We are hoping to make some big announcements for the event in the coming month. If you haven’t checked out our site yet, check it out now. I gave it a bit of a face lift in hopes we can put on foot forward into a direction we can ultimately be proud of attaching our names to. Also while there, you can see the new 2013 (which you can find in my portfolio on this site). Photo courtesy of Hollywood Sports, staring Cooke and his work in progress.

Halloween, VR, Journalism. What else is there to talk about? Well, work on Endgon Studio’s Unannounced iOS game has taken a turn for the worse as our personal lives have proven turn things around. In a week or so though we are hoping to have everything settled and filed away so we can continue working full force. On a lighter note, I now have a Unity Pro license on top of the mobile licenses that had recently gone free. That can only mean that one aspect of bigger obstacles in production had just been overcome. I’m hoping things will get better here on out and that I can put out my prototypes for once.

That said, now i’m pushing forward with finishing up the ‘Games’ page on this site so I can show off previously mentioned prototypes and games; providing them for download and also some playable right on the site. The game profile template just got done, so now all that’s left is to fill in the content and clean up the initial releases to be compatible wherever possible.


Well thats all for this week (or in this case the past three weeks). I’m going to try and keep you all informed every week of all the happenings going on.


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