An Exciting Time…

Posted on April 8th, 2013 by

Seriously, it’s that time again. Its April, Oculus VR began shipping Dev Kits of the Oculus Rift to the Kickstarter Backers. That means one thing! I’ll be getting mine soon! Well, maybe not, but somewhat soon. I pre-ordered mine after Kickstarter ended so I’m left to waiting for Oculus to ship out to Kickstarter Backers before they think of shipping to the rest of the developers…so I’ll probably get mine sometime in May or June. I want to be┬ásurprised, so please ship it out at the end of APRIL!!! (Edited on 05/02/2013: Well that didn’t work to my advantage. Oh well. haha) Anyways, it doesn’t matter, the Oculus VR SDK is now available so now I can finally get my hands dirt. Knee deep in technological bliss. Like fellow developers, I’m just so pumped full of ideas. I look forward to posting some of my prototypes on the subject.

Apart from that big deal, things are beginning to move forward in other areas. Work has been progressing slowly on the ‘unannounced iOS Game’. The rest of us at Endgon Studio have made great strides since we began pre-production a month and a half ago. So far we are nearing version 0.2 of the engine. Hopefully we can reach our Alpha milestone in the coming weeks. I’d like to thank Jackie Sui for putting up with a lot of BS coming his way. It must be a pain working with me and my inability to get things working smoothly for him. I also want to thank the rest of the team for sticking it out for this long. We have some great subjects here.

So, next up. ‘the 8th Visage’, my Standalone Duke Nukem 3D Total Conversion, has gotten back into the groove after a far too long of a hiatus. Many things have been changed since inception, such as the shift in artistic direction. From the retroesque 2d/Sprites to Crisp Cell-Shaded 3D visuals. You see, this project started out as an old school FPS Point ‘n Click Adventure game, but it turns out that the subject would benefit more from a Higher Definition production. I’m hoping to provide a press release of the revival soon, accompanied with an all in one project page. So stay tuned.

Moving on, I’ve started working on a new engine built upon engine, with the goals of recreating the mechanics of a Retro First Person Adventure Dungeon Crawler. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, think of those classic games like Waxworks, the Legacy: Realm of Terror, and Ultima Underworld to name a few. Legend of Grimrock inspired me and really set the stage for another Neo-Retro game design project. There is something about these games that had a unique take on Dungeon Crawlers. The variety, the adventure, and the interactive elements. I hope to bring back that feeling again.

That’s all for this week. Pop in and drop a comment below. If you want to check out these projects, stayed tuned as I will be composing a Games page dedicate to all video game projects, past, present and future.